Tours & Activities – DealBroker Platform

We offer Tours & Activities to the Airline, OTA and travel industry. DealBroker provides ancillary content: local tours, activities, event & sports tickets and transportation in over 1500 cities globally. We offer a white label solution via a unique plug-and-play platform.

Watch our short animation which describes what we offer in a nutshell. Also have a look at these reference cases,,

This service can be offered to Airlines, OTA and other travel related companies as a standalone service. A whitelabel website will be created with the option to combine this with whitelabel pre-trip emails. See an example here: This service can also be offered in combination with miles. Whenever a customer purchases a tour they will earn miles for this tour. See an example here:

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LayOver Experiences – DealBroker Platform

The service will allow an airline or OTA to offer to its travellers or its agents the full benefits of a Layover Experience. This will enable an airline or OTA to engage its customer to their brand. We offer all kind of different Layover packages for all airports in the world. A Layover package consists of a transfer from and to airport to a tour & activity experience.

FFP Partnerships

By having a partnership with Travelling Connect, frequent flier program (FFP) members can earn miles for roaming calls. This can be either through the Inbound Roaming Service which is when members travel abroad and roam on one of our partner network. Miles can also be earned through the Outbound Loyalty Service which is when members who are subscribers of our mobile operator partner will earn miles when roaming outside of their home country.

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