The Qroam trading platform simplifies the process of closing, setting up and managing IOT discount deals between mobile operators. Most of the operators like the idea to automate the IOT business for the long tail. They realize that it takes a lot of time to negotiate and close a deal, chase other operators, do the legal work, and have the rates implemented on time. Qroam can solve these problems, and make sure that this process will be done in a more efficient and automated way.

The main advantages of signing up with Qroam are:

  • Automate and standardize the entire process from negotiating and closing an IOT Discount deal till implementing rates in the TAP. We are working together with several DCH.
  • The platform has a lot of features such as: only data deals, email notifications reminders when contracts are expiring, unilateral or bilateral deals and many more.
  • Have one overview of all your transaction including order/bid status and contract management.

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